1960’s Classic Princess Limousines

The pinnacle of elegance and luxury, our 3 matching Austin Vanden Plas Princess Limousines will have you travelling in timeless classic style.

Each chauffeur driven Vanden Plas Princess limousine can comfortably carry 6 passengers.  A favourite for royalty, dignataries and the stars, you too can ride in comfort surrounded by history and sheer elegance.

Synomous with Rolls Royce, Daimler and Jaguar, our Vanden Plas Princesses were all hand-built in London the 1950’s & 1960’s by master coach craftsmen. The 3 matching vehicles,  all ‘ivory’ in colour, feature beautiful timesless and elegant lines which evoke spohistication and romance.

Featuring English walnut and oak throughout, chrome appointments, leather upholstery and lush carpet – you’ll feel spoiled!

Meticulously maintained, these timeless classics are all in superb condition. You’ll stay comfortable in airconditioning, and the expansive doors allow for easy entry and exit from the vehicle (very importantant for wedding attire).

Reportedly, one of our Princess Limousines was a VIP car in Adelaide, used to transport Royalty and the Beatles!